Rhapsody of Realities, also known as “The Messenger Angel”, is not just a devotional, it’s a life manual that addresses the realities of everyday life and provides practical solutions to common problems.

By reading this devotional daily, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of God’s word and learn how to apply it to their lives.

This year, our goal is to sponsor at least 1 million copies by every Group and with your participation we know it would be achieved and surpassed, Glory!

Win My World

Now that you are Born Again, a classic on the new life in Christ. It is a most concise and precise tool for the establishment of new converts.


As we prepare 7 billion hearts for the rapture of the church, we have a mandate to expose “ Now That You Are Born Again” as a tool to galvanize and drive global evangelization efforts.

Join us to sponsor the free distribution of 1 million copies of the book to be gifted to 5, 000 missionaries and ministries, outreach organizations and NGOs with copies for their evangelism effort to dour on the evangelism work.

No One Left Behind

Ensure no one is left behind by joining us to sponsor and distribute the world’s most translated daily devotional in audio, sign language and braille to the visually impaired or those with hearing difficulties.


Say Yes to The Kids

The say yes to kids campaign is a book drive with the aim to gifting young minds with wholesome literate including Rhapsody of Realities for children and this drive would focus on schools, orphanages and children’s wards in hospitals/hospices.

Beneficiaries of this campaign would be ignited to the spiritual realities as well as be more socially, culturally and devotionally prepared for life.

Remember every child is your child!


Bible Missions

The Rhapsody Bible Mission is aimed at keeping the Bible in its place as the number 1 book in the whole world.

We invite you to read and sponsor reaching a global audience with the Rhapsody Bible across all ages. The Bible Missions includes sponsorship of mission visits to cities, Bible outreaches in prisons, hospitals and school.

Everybody needs to connect with the word of God to experience true transformation and spiritual development – your partnership with the Rhapsody Bible would make the difference in the lives of million around the world.


Project Rhapsody Everywhere

Inspired by the mandate to prepare 7 billion people around the world, the Rhapsody of Realities is currently translated in 7,858 languages of the world.

However, it’s not enough to have the messenger Angel available in all languages – we need to drill down our evangelical efforts to street and household level.

Join Us today to get Rhapsody into the hands of those who need to read them; sign up to sponsor the monthly distribution in ALL languages.